Foldable, Convenient,
Cable-Free Charging.

Foldable, Convenient,
Cable-Free Charging.

Foldable, Convenient,
Cable-Free Charging.

The Thinium ReCHARGE+ is the thinnest, most versatile all-in-one smartphone charger available. Our proprietary patented design is the only product with a foldable charging dock and interchangeable adapters.
The ReCharge+ transforms to fit your device and charge anytime, anywhere. Never be without power again.

  • Apple Lightning

  • Micro-USB

  • USB-Type C


Here's How it Works


Q: How long is my Thinium product under warranty?
A: All Thinium Products are covereed with a 1-year limited warranty.
Q: Do I have to register the product for the warranty to take effect?
A: No!

Q: Does my ReCHARGE+ 3.0 work with all phones?
A: Yes, your ReCHARGE+ 3.0 will come with 3 types of adapter pins. Apple, Micro-USB, and Type-C. Match the correct adapter pin included in your box and place it in the open cavity of the dock.

Q: How do I get the dock out?
A: Simply pull the lower part of the ReCHARGE+ towards you and the dock will open. You can also push the lower part of the cock out to open. Simply press it in to close.

Q: How do I know which adapter to use?
A: Your ReCHARGE+ 3.0 comes with 3 types of adapter pins. Based on your phone type, match the adapter in the accessory box to your specific type of device and place the pin all the way down in the empty cavity until it clicks into place, the, place your phone on the dock and begin charging.

Q: How do I remove the adapter pin?
A: To remove adapter pin, simply press the gray PUSH button on the bottom of the dock to release the adapter pin. You can then pull the adapter out of the cavity.

Q: Do I need to press anything to begin charging?
A: Yes, you must press the power button next to the LED lights to power the dock on.

Q: Are there other ways to recharge my phone with this device?
A: Yes. You can recharge your device by using the integrated USB cable, foldable wall prongs, or use the female USB port using a USB charging cable compatible with your device.

Q: The charging dock on my new ReCHARGE+ is stiff and isn't centered when I push it open. Is this expected?
A: Yes, the brand new charging dock needs to be opened and closed about 5 times, at which point it will begin to loosen up and the connector will be centered. By design, there is come 'play' in the flexible connector to make it easy for you to attach to your phone and remove it.

Q: How long will it take to recharge my device?
A: Depending on phone use during charging, typically it will take approximately 1.25-1.5 hours for a full charge.

Q: Can I use my ReCHARGE+ if I have a protective case?
A: Yes. The ReCHARGE+ is compatible and will fit all cases. Depending on the type of case, some may require small manual adjustment, for example, open or pull back a flap on your case then place on dock.

Q: Can I charge my phone without being plugged into a wall or USB port?
A: Yes, the ReCHARGE+ 3.0 has an internal 3600 milliamp battery, so you can use this anywhere, anytime as long as your ReCHARGE+ has power.

Q: How do I know how much power my ReCHARGE+ has?
A: There are 4 LED lights next to the power button. 4 blue lights indicate a full charge, so you can tell the percentage of charge you have by the amount of blue lights that are on when you press the power button.

Q: How do I attach the kickstand?
A: To use the kickstand, simply press the ends of the kickstand with your fingers and place it in the cavity on the back of the ReCHARGE+ 3.0. To use, open the kickstand and turn the ReCHARGE+ sideways and place on desired surface to use hands free.

Q: Can I charge two devices at the same time?
A: Yes, to charge 2 devices, place one device on the charging dock, and for a second device use a USB cable compatible with your device via the female USB.

Q: What are the suction cups for?
A: The suction cups will help adhere your phone or case to ensure a secure fit.